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Illustrations by Mae Voogd

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The Annual Paul Village Garden Fête was traditionally held on the first Friday in August.

It took place during the afternoon in the vicarage garden which at that time was opposite the car park. The garden of the old house was large and quite formal with lots of established trees and shrubs, several lawned areas and a circular gravel drive. It was a unique and beautiful setting and 'it' is remembered fondly as is the fête itself in the memories we have heard and recorded.


Every year the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of so many people ensured the fête was a success. It was very well attended by villagers and many others from further afield. Paul Village Garden Fête really was a significant and very special community event. Our research demonstrates that there were small changes over the years but the basic formula endured throughout the 20th century.  As a result the garden fêtes remembered by Mary Barnes in the 1930s were very similar to those remembered by the Paul children of much later decades.....

We hope you enjoy our nostalgic trip down a sunny memory lane to the fête at Paul…

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Mary Barnes discusses the fête in the 1930s, the stalls, who used to opened the fête and having tea on the lawn.
Interviewed by Melanie Mitchell.

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The Girl in the Alice Blue Gown

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Hugh Cadman retells Morvah Stubbings his memories of the village garden fête, including the sideshows stored in the Vicarage sheds. Behind the scenes view from the Vicars son 1960s-80s 

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Typical of the background music played at the Fete.

"Stall holders are reminded NOT to sell items before the official opening"

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Linda Burton describes the fête to Hilary Beard and the different games.

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"I declare this fête OPEN"

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Circa 1960

Teas on the lawn - circa 1960

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Myra and Brian Ellis who opened the fête, August 2000


"The ladies of the parish are serving teas on the lawn"


Left to right Ena Nancarrow, Vera Harvey, Ellen Renfree and Annie Prowse.

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Mary and Gail Kitchen in "the tree" at the garden fête.

Spot the Difference

Can you find the ten differences between the pictures?

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Illustrations by Mae Voogd

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"Get your ice creams now before it melts"

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