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May Treasure Trail

We’ve created a May Treasure Trail with questions directly linking to the oral histories. You will find the answers in the May 2020 tab and the Oral Histories tab. You will find photos, stories and poems inspired by the recordings.

There are also general questions to test your local knowledge! You may have to ‘phone a friend’ or do a bit of research to find the answers.

Additionally, we would like you to make your own creative responses to the oral histories which we can add to the website. Perhaps you will be inspired to:

  • write your own story that has captured your imagination from listening and looking at the Paul Voices website

  • write a poem about something that has been recounted in the recordings

  • draw a picture to accompany a recording you have enjoyed

The Treasure Trail is open to all, not just school children and we hope that it will appeal to all ages, especially during this time where we are stuck at home.


Quiz answers will be revealed on this page from 1st June 2020. Good luck!

You can download a pdf of the questions here
You can download a pdf of the questions together with the answers here
Oral Histories - Questions


You will find the answers within our website and oral histories – happy hunting!


1) In Betty Johns’ recording which streets did she say she lived on in Gwavas Estate during the War?

2) In his recording Douglas Williams uses the full title of the helicopter pilot who first reported the Torrey Canyon disaster what was it? 


3) In her oral testimony Mary Barnes recalls Paul Feasts of the past. She talks about her brothers playing in Paul Band. What instruments did she say they played? 


4) In the same recording Mary describes her extended family staying overnight for Paul Feast. Where did they travel from?


5) In his interview who did Greg Williams think ran the Circus that visited Paul in the 1950s? 


6) In Betty Johns’ recording (in the May 2020 section) where did she go on Sunday’s after church and what did she used to wear?



7) In Greg and Denise’s interview (in the May 2020 section) what would happen to the Maypole when the ribbon pattern became uneven?


8) In Max and Sue’s interview (in the May 2020 section) what colour were the cupcakes during the Silver Jubilee?



9) In the May 2020 section Sue Snell talks about Paul’s village green – what used to happen there?



10) Sue also explains in the same interview that she was taught how to make a May whistle. What did she make it out of?



11) Which beach did Diz Stubbings go to?



12) Also in Diz Stubbings’ interview what was in the cupboard by her pew in the church?



13) John George talks about Feast – what happened in the square in Paul and what time?



14) Where is John George from?



15) How long was Douglas Williams a journalist for?



16) Douglas Williams talks about the Torre Canyon – what was it and what happened? (You may need to do some additional research online or ask family members).



17) In his recording Peter Pentreath explains how he is related to one of the three Johns who went on the ill-fated expedition to Patagonia. Which one of the three Johns is he related to?

18) In the same recording Peter names the man who led the expedition. Who was it?


19) In Melvia Williams’ recording she talks about the first evacuees arriving in Mousehole during WW2. How old does she say she was when war broke out?

20) In the same recording where does Melvia say the first evacuees came from?

21) What did Melvia’s mum call her?


22) Max and Sue Gibson discuss celebrations in Paul. Who do they say provided the trailer for the Silver Jubilee event?

23) During their discussion Max and Sue describe what a big occasion Mousehole Carnival was. They recall it being said that on one occasion the procession was so long it was only just leaving Mousehole by the time it reached Newlyn - which shop do they mention?


24) In Nim Bawden’s recording what is the name of the Shipwright he asked for an apprenticeship?

25) Which ship was George Peake working on when Nim Bawden spoke to him first?

26) How much was Nim Bawden’s wage as an apprentice?



27) Linda Burton talks about her time as May Queen. Where was the stage located and what did it used to be?



28) When Linda Burton was May Queen what colour was the cape that she wore and what was the material?

Some questions about Paul and Paul Parish
…answers available from 1st June on the website.

1) Whose life is celebrated on a monument in Paul paid for by a Prince?

2) What is the name of the pitch where Mousehole AFC play (in Paul)?

3) Which very famous Premiership team sent a team to play Mousehole AFC in the 1980s?

4) Where in Paul can you sit on a Seal?

5) How many bells are there in Paul Church Tower?


6) What did the village hall used to be and what is it locally know as?



7) What did the car park used to be?



8) In local government who administers Paul and Mousehole?
A. Paul Parish Council. B.Newlyn Council. C. Penzance Town Council.


9) How many Royal Mail post boxes are there in Paul and Mousehole?

10) Where will you find gates dedicated to Queen Elizabeth the 2nd?

11) Which was built first, the present day church building or Paul pub?


12) A group of volunteers help to keep Paul village and the Churchyard tidy. The
village have given them a name.  What is it?


13) How long have they been doing this?
A. 5 years.  B. 10 years.  C. 20 years.


14) During the 1st World War, a transatlantic telegraph cable was installed in
Mousehole. Where was the other end connected?



15) Where is this cable still visible in Mousehole?


16) When did Mousehole Male Voice Choir celebrate their centenary?

17) What did sisters, Dorothy and Phyllis Yglesias start in Mousehole?

18) The work of the Newlyn School of Painters provides a valuable visual record of life in West Cornwall in the early 1900s. What is the name of the painter who is reputed to have used the old school house in Paul as a setting for a well-known painting?

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