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After listening to the Oral Histories the children of Schooner Class, Mousehole School crafted these wonderful poems.
May Day


Rose has lived in Paul all of her life
and today was her favourite day of the year....
The Maypole.

After waiting all day in excitement
she tied her laces and walked up to the car park.


Rose saw her friends and started to join in
the ribbons dancing like they were part of the children.
Twirling, spinning, laughing
The only time she stopped was for the tradition of a pasty
collapsing in a happy exhausted heap with everyone.


The crowd cheers as the May Queen takes the stage
The crown resting on her head
Jewels mixed in with the ivy like sparkling twinkling stars
Shining down from afar.


The sun set on the horizon and it was time to leave
Rose walked home with the river splashing beside her
and the village was calm.


By Flo Bailey

May Day pole.jpg
Round the pole by Meghan.png

By Meghan

The Locked Cupboard

There's a pew in Paul Church for all to see,
It’s the one that is used by my family.
We'd always sit there, yes all of us three,
Tayta and mummy and mummy and me,

In the olden days, when Tayta was wee,
She went to Paul Church with her family.
She'd always sit there, part of the three;
Her granny and her and my great granny.

There's a tiny cupboard in our family pew

With a locked wooden door, you can't see through.
We always sat there all of us three

Wondering where someone had hidden the key.

One day when we came in, mummy and me,
We realized someone had found the lost key!
And guess what was there – One, Two, Three....
Not a single thing - it was quite empty!

by Jonquil

Paul church small.jpg
MMVC small.jpg

By Sarah Jane

A Mousehole Boy

A Mousehole boy I was born and bred
He will work on the railway my parents said
Bit I loved the sea and the boats and blue water
Father said I should behave like his daughter.
Mother said follow your heart do what you love
Otherwise you will be sorry when you are up above.

The happiest I was when I joined the lifeboat crew
Sailing out on adventures into the ocean blue
I never realised how vicious the wind could blow
And how fast the water could flow.
Part of a team of the bravest men
I am so proud to be one of them.

No job is too large or small
Its our duty after all
We think nothing of risking our lives for others
It’s hard for those at home though our fathers and mothers.
There’s no feeling like being a member of the lifeboat
And being awarded my captain’s yellow coat.

by Zach H

Paul Feast small.jpg
By Daniel
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